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Tobias Schlegel


of Wooden-Escape


Welcome to Wooden Escape! I'm very pleased that you've stopped by here.


Currently Wooden Escape specializes in bird toys, home decor and plant pots.

As such, the company has already taken a different path than originally envisioned.


The Uhrsprung idea is still in the company name.

The vision was to develop a wooden puzzle toy with high standards for us and our customers. This kind of puzzle games are also called Escape Boxes.

Thus also the name resulted.

Wood work:  Wooden


Escaperoom:    Escape

As a holder of parrots, I quickly noticed that the toys are quickly broken and are completely oriented to the holder.

So began the search for the right material.

As someone who has always looked for better options in any situation, I began to specialize in high quality, durable polypropylene cords. Because of its elegant appearance and fray-resistant, waterproof construction, this material became the hallmark of all our products, and I haven't looked back. This PP cord will continue to be used in all of our products in the future, and I'm sure you'll love it too.

Every product you'll find on Wooden-Escape is handmade and designed by me, and backed by my background in metalwork and design. So take a look around, I am sure you will find stunning handmade creations that you and your little pet will love.