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Many stones had to be overcome, but now it is almost time.

The first product of the

Cord Round Mirror will go on sale during the next month.

The big project, our

Blackbox is postponed indefinitely.

The cord round mirror is officially introduced on 1.6.22.

now new

Bird climbing crown

also available in a set with the cord round mirror

Very soon will appear the decorative mirror series and the flower pot series.

The Blumentopf series is now online,

soon the mirror series will be published as well.

Due to logistical difficulties, Amazon shipping is delayed to 6/15-22

The Amazon warehouse is now also filled

Now the decorative mirror is also finally in the range

From now on it is possible to customize our popular cord mirror.

The popular climbing crown is now also available in a smaller size.

For a long time we have tried to keep more costs away from our customers, this is now no longer possible.

We regret to have to go this step and ask for your understanding.


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